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PCB manufacturing cost


PCB manufacturing cost

When we design a project, we care more about layout and wiring, and often overlook the additional PCB manufacturing cost in the design. This post discusses which factors in the design affect the price of pcb and avoids increasing costs for customers.

 Number of wiring layers. The number of layers is much better, but the price rises linearly with the number of layers. The higher the number of layers, the more the price doubles.

· Via. it is better to desgn via size more than 0.25mm;or if less than 0.25mm, extra manufacturering cost has to be charged.

· plated via in pad. Usually increase the cost. Try not to use it unless there are restrictions on the signal and layout.

· Back drilling. For high-speed signals such as backplanes, or do not use them.

· Line width line spacing. Usually less than 6 mils will increase the cost.

· Material (high tg halogen-free high frequency = non-conventional sheet) increase the procurement cycle and increase production costs. Some high-frequency plates can be mixed with ordinary plates, which can reduce costs.

·HDI and blind buried, the cost increase is very large, if the package allows, it is better not to use. (0.65 and above bga packages can be fanned out through holes, some 0.5bga packages can be fanned out through holes, mainly looking at package pads and available pins)

· Surface technology (ENIG,HASL-LF,Sliver plate, gold finger etc) Increase the related expenses, which is mainly determined by the customer, and can be explained with the customer during design. b: Add a point: copper thickness, PCB area, the number and type of holes, the thickness of the gold layer treated on the surface, and even the delivery date will affect the price of the PCB. It is difficult to consider.

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